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I have a lot more to say but art's easier for me so to express my crazy joy...


How cute is Ollie! Maybe I missed some clue, but I have no idea whether it's before or after the wedding...if it's before, then he covers his eyes so he doesn't see her in the dress, if it's after, then it's his very unsuccessful (but hilarious) way of hiding from her. Either way it's adorable!


I do believe she was going to meet him later on and tell him (Star City Register's newest hire. STAR CITY!!! But I'll get back to that later...). Oliver knows her. She needs more than Watchtower and like he says--he knows that. He decides to catch her off-guard before she could build up whatever strength she'd need to tell him, facing the possibility that that could be the end of them. It broke my heart just a little when he says 'you're leaving again.' And maybe for a second he remembers feeling vulnerable and insecure...her leaving, the thought of living without her. But he's confident now and yeah, sure she could leave. It's okay because she wasn't gonna leave without him.




And this is probably my favorite Chlollie scene. Ever. Apart from the fact that I swear I dreamed about this after the trailer for "Fortune" aired last week. I imagined Ollie handing her the other half of the marriage certificate, her just staring at in happy disbelief, tearing up as she smiled up at him. And I was thinking that's the perfect way I'd want the episode to end...and it FREAKIN' HAPPENED.

This. This is the Chlollie of my dreams (I'm sorry but I think it's understandable that I'm in such a cheesy mood). This is the Chlollie that writers like [livejournal.com profile] bella8876 and [livejournal.com profile] laurelnola write about that I love, love. The Chlollie that I've loved for years. It's perfect. The way Oliver looks at her...my heart melts everytime I watch it.


HUSBAND. The smile in his eyes, how everything he's feeling is written so clearly on his face...*melts again*


Before Oliver existed in the SV universe, before Chlollie, there was Chloe. And Chloe's always been first for me. After ten years (I can't believe ten) of watching this show, falling for her the first scene I saw, to see her happy is just...too awesome to say anything.


My happy beginning. I love that she's going back to journalism. I think when it comes to her career, her passion, it was the last time we saw her truly happy. And maybe, hopefully (okay--I believe she will) she'll learn to balance and find happiness in both of her worlds.

Star City. With Oliver. Recruiting heroes around the world. Still so, so hard to believe we got our perfect ending beginning.



If anyone deserves to be happy in SV it's them (...we deserve it!!! ;D).

*at the image* She's such a nano shrimp! I love how she has to tilt her head all the way back to look at him.



I'm too deeply stuck in denial to accept that it's over sooo...yeah, not dealing with that yet. Luckily there's still JH's remaining episodes to look forward to.

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